The company CH Projekt Plzeň Ltd. was founded in 1998 by the transformation of the complex center of Pilsen Chemoprojekt corp. to an independent subsidiary company of Chemoprojekt corp. with 51% participation of the parent company. Chemoprojekt corp. has a fifty-year tradition in designing and implementation of industrial buildings in the Czech Republic and abroad.
We have our own department of construction design, high-voltage current electrical engineering design, machine technology design, engineering.
We focus our activities on comprehensive supplies of services in the field of preparation and implementation of technological constructions. We provide the process of building preparation from the elaboration of the architectural study through all subsequent stages of the elaboration of project documentation and engineering activities up to the author's supervision of the designer. As part of our engineering activities, all the statements of the bodies concerned and the statements of the network administrators and participants in the proceedings in the building permitting process, as well as the zoning procedure to the building permit, or the approval decision are provided. In the process of zoning and construction proceedings, we represent the builder in negotiations with the building authority and other institutions.

In addition to the author's supervision of the processed projects, we also perform the technical supervision of the builder and we provide a professional control of the course of implementation and technical execution of the construction. As part of the complexity of our services, the work safety coordinator´s performance is provided.